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A one day sample of home-cooked meals
for one person on the Insulin Resistance Diet. 




    A one or two free-range egg omelet with a tablespoon of cheese, chopped scallions or other vegetables, spices, pepper and a dash of salt.
[Takes 10-12 minutes to make but while cooking go to making lunch.]

    A cut up apple with cashew butter. [1 minute.]


[Clean up takes 5 minutes.]

     A large salad with red leaf lettuce, red cabbage, scallions, other vegetables and walnuts or other nuts or seeds (made fresh that morning). With a natural low sugar/carb commercial dressing (canola or olive oil, vinegar, spices, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.).
[Takes 10-12 minutes to make.]

     4-5 ounces of baked wild salmon with garlic, spices and a dash of salt (a piece of a salmon baked earlier in the week).


     6-ounce lean range-fed sirloin steak with some garlic and olive oil added while cooking.

     2-3 cups of steamed broccoli, carrots, onions and/or other vegetables with a sauce.

     The sauce is:

     one quarter cup of tahini (sesame seed butter),

     lemon or lime juice to taste,

     tsp of tamari or soy sauce,

     tbsp of flax oil, and

     spices to taste.


     A piece of fruit as dessert.

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