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Like many others, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we went to video conferencing for patient appointments. While many people still choose video conferencing for its convenience, in-office appointments are now available again. However, while the office has a separate entrance, it is in a home that shares the central heating and air condition system. Consequently if, on a day a patient is scheduled to come into the office they have an active contagious illness (e.g., the influenza, COVID, etc.), or have recently been exposed to one, we ask them to reschedule to a video conference. A phone consultation may be possible if video conferencing is not technically feasible.

See the COVID-19 page for our perspective on the pandemic.

Heartland Naturopathic Clinic offers treatment of the whole person using a combination of:

Naturopathic medicine

Traditional homeopathy

Clinical nutrition

Mental health counseling

Our licensed naturopathic doctor has over 35 years of clinical experience in helping people recover from serious and long-term health problems.

While helping people recover from chronic disease is our specialty, we also assist people with acute disease (i.e., viral infections, etc.) and preventative care. The body/mind has an incredible ability to heal itself when obstacles to healing are removed and the whole system is stimulated to heal itself – when each person is treated as the unique individual they are.

It is possible for many people to fully recover their health when the goal of treatment is to stimulate the self-healing of the whole person, instead of the more common approach of just treating a symptom or a disease in isolation.

To help you achieve this goal of self-healing we use a combination of:

Traditional homeopathy is a powerful 200-year-old holistic natural healing modality that treats the whole person with a single carefully matched homeopathic remedy.

Naturopathic medicine is more eclectic and may include any combination of clinical nutrition, diet, lifestyle, herbs, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, etc.

Mental health counseling and preventative care are also offered.

In the hands of an experienced professional the combination of all these modalities can be very powerful.

Contact us to learn how we can help you and your family's health.

Clinic Services


Traditional homeopathy

Over 200 years of effectively helping people across the globe recover their health from both chronic and acute disease.

naturopathic medicine nebraska

Naturopathic medicine

Treating the whole person with individually tailored natural therapies.

nutrition councelling

Clinic nutrition

Blending diet, nutritional science, and clinical experience: “we are what we eat.”

Make Your Health a Priority.

I certainly will.

Experience consistent improvement

It’s normal to have ups and downs but it is our goal that you see continuous improvement in your health and wellness.

Move past roadblocks

The path to improving your health often has roadblocks that can feel like failures –  we can help you overcome these and get back on tract to your goals.


A friend of mine referred me to Heartland Naturopathic Clinic after traditional medical methods hadn't helped me. I was treated very respectfully and thoroughly and was provided with a carefully tailored homeopathic treatment. The treatment gave me almost immediate relief from some pretty uncomfortable symptoms, so I was greatly appreciative. Really worth trying if you're interested in alternative and/or preventative treatments. Highly recommended.

April F. Review Via Yelp

I am so grateful for Dr. Bradley. With her help, I have seen major improvements not only in my physical health, but also in my mental/emotional well being. Her focus on the whole person is exactly the approach that I want and need.

Sun Kissed, Google Review

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