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Blending diet, nutritional science, and clinical experience:
“we are what we eat.”

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Along with Dr. Rachelle S. Bradley’s naturopathic background, she is licensed in Nebraska as a Medical Nutrition Therapist. This is the license used by registered dietitians to practice medical nutrition therapy. It allows her to offer clinical nutrition. In this practice clinical nutrition is practiced as a part of her naturopathic approach to each patient. Its focus is on helping each patient recover and maintain their health using individually tailored diet and lifestyle, specific nutrients, plant substances (herbs), dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals.

The rigorous training in nutritional sciences a naturopathic doctor receives in naturopathic medical school is extensive, far beyond that of conventional physicians. This understanding of “food as medicine” and our inherent passion for nutrition enables us to go beyond offering simple dietary guidelines. We provide individualized nutrition assessment, treatment, and guidance tailored to each patient’s health needs. Naturopathic doctors also empower patients’ success by supporting them to address their personal obstacles to maintaining a lifestyle and diet that will serve their optimal health over their lifetime. We truly believe that “we are what we eat.”

Our nutritional support begins with asking each new naturopathic, homeopathic, or nutritional patient to do a diet diary for a few days prior to their initial consultation. We utilize this tool to make diet recommendations based on the person’s current diet. We also review the current supplements these patients use to make sure they are appropriate for that individual, will not interfere with any pharmaceutical medications they need to take, and are cost-effective.

For additional nutritional resources please see our posts on insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, an important diet related issue in our American culture, and the insulin resistance therapeutic diet designed to help recovery. Also see our other posts on nutritional issues.

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"Nutrition is often a pivotal component of an individual’s journey toward optimal health. Poor diet is also the leading preventable risk factor for disability or early death in the United States."

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians