Policies and Fees

What you need to know about clinic policies and fees.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

During the COVID pandemic the clinic is operating with normal hours but with “contactless” service. Dr. Bradley is mostly conducting patient consultations via video conferencing. We prefer using Skype (a free online service), but Zoom conferencing is also possible if Skype cannot work for you. If video conferencing is not technically feasible, a phone consultation may also be possible.

For patients who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, in-person consultations are becoming available again. Please ask if that is of interest.

Established current patients can always contact Dr. Bradley by calling the office and leaving a voice mail, or by email. If the call is regarding healthcare management issues she will return your call as soon as she is able, regardless of regular office hours. If the call is regarding non-medical issues (scheduling appointments, etc.) expect a return call during the next regular clinic day (see below).

Potential Patients

The first step to learn about this clinic’s services is to review this website; next contact the office to get answers to your questions or to make an appointment. We offer an free introductory appointment as a way to learn if the clinic’s services are a good fit for solving your health issues. Dr. Bradley is able to talk to potential patients by phone; usually the return call will be made on a regular clinic day (see below). Email is an inefficient communication method when trying to discuss health issues or to schedule appointments; however, we will try to respond to your questions by email if requested. Phone calls are encouraged. The clinic is not open for walk-ins.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

In this practice each person is treated as the unique mental/emotional/physical individual they are. We begin with compassion and respect for each patient, and then we strive to offer them our best care regardless of their race, gender and gender identity, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. For those who may have experienced discrimination and prejudice, this is a safe place.

Consultations by Phone

Generally, phone consultations are only available for established current patients who have already been seen at least once in person or by video conference. However, Dr. Bradley is able to talk to potential patients by phone about clinic service options and to make appointments; usually a return call will be made on a regular clinic day (see below).

New Patient Profile Forms

When an appointment is scheduled new patient profile forms are generally mailed out along with office policies and any other relevant handouts via USPS.  If an appointment is scheduled so that there is not enough time for the mail to arrive, you may click this link to download a copy of the patient profile and disclosure forms (Acrobat Reader is required to read and print the forms, it can be downloaded for free here).

Because of the pandemic we are still mostly seeing patients via video conferencing. The completed patient profile forms can be scanned or photographed and returned via email prior to the scheduled appointment if not enough time for return mail (once scheduled you will be given an email for this purpose).

Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy

Please give 24 hours notice if you cannot keep a follow-up appointment and 72 hours notice if you cannot keep an initial appointment. There will be a fee charged for missed appointments and last minute cancellations.

Follow-up Consultations

Homeopathic follow-up consultations are usually scheduled four to six weeks apart. Naturopathic/nutritional and counseling follow-up consultations are usually two to four weeks apart. Follow-up consultations are usually scheduled for 30 minutes.


Payment is due at the time of service. We prefer checks. Due to the current video conferencing, the payments may be mailed following the consultation, or delivered when picking up a remedy. If requested, credit and debit card payments can be made via an office generated Paypal invoice that will arrive by email following the consultation. There will be an approximate 4% surcharge to pay the Paypal fees. Cash is accepted, although please have correct change.

Health Insurance

In most cases health insurance will not cover our services, and Medicare and Medicaid never cover our services. While the office does not have the capacity to submit your insurance forms for you, we can provide a statement with the procedural billing codes and licensing numbers. If you desire, you may submit them to your insurance company yourself to request your visit payments be reimbursed. Regardless of your potential for insurance reimbursement, you are responsible for payment of your services at the time of service.

Programs such as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs or Flex accounts) that allow you to use pretax dollars for out-of-pocket health care expenses may allow you to use them to pay for our services. If you have such a program check with it. Usually only the office visit would be covered. 

Clinic Hours

Appointments for patient consultations are currently available:

Tuesday 10:00 to 5:00
Friday 10:00 to 5:00

The office is not open for walk-ins. Please call in advance to make an appointment or to arrange a pick up: 402-391-6714

Services and Fees

Homeopathic consultations:

Initial adult (approximately 3 hours): $320

Initial teenager ages 13 – 19 (approximately 2.5 hours): $270

Initial child 12 to 5 (approximately 90 minutes): $195

Initial child 4 to 1 (approximately 60 minutes): $140

Initial infant under one year (approximately 45 minutes): $105

Naturopathic and nutritional consultations:

Initial visit (approximately 60 minutes): $140

All follow-up consultations (approximately 35 minutes): $80 (starting May 1, 2021)

Mental health counseling consultations (50 minutes): $90

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“True healing is hard to achieve in this healthcare cultural environment of expecting immediate relief of symptoms. Conventional medicine can be very effective in this kind of relief of symptoms (called palliation). While palliation can be very useful, unfortunately, just relieving symptoms or focusing treatment on just the labelled disease rarely leads to true healing because it does nothing to encourage the whole organism to heal itself.”